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$0 / Annual

20 new maths problems per year group that change every school term

Enabling and extending prompts for every problem

ACARA codes, problem-solving strategies, 
and written solutions for every problem

4 Official Lesson Cards

Limit of 2 active Problem Sets

Student Quizzes (practice mode only)

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20 new maths problems per year group every school term

Access to the full problem library with over 400 problems

Enabling and extending prompts for every problem

ACARA codes, problem-solving strategies, and written solutions for every problem

50 Official Lesson Cards

Create unlimited Problem Sets

Student Quizzes

View student results

Create your own lesson cards

Create and print PDFs

Share Problem Sets with other teachers

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2021 Pricing

Upgrade to Problemo Plus $5.50 per eligible student

Problemo is designed for use with all students in years 3-10 (or 4-11 in New Zealand). Our subscription fees are based on the total number of students in these year levels at your school*. The cost per student for the full 2021 academic year (starting in Term 1) is $5.50 AUD. Please be aware the cost per student may change at the beginning of each subsequent school term. Refer to our website and User Terms available from www.problemo.edu.au for more information.

All prices for Australian subscriptions are inclusive of GST. Your subscription fee quote is current on the date of issue, but is subject to change if we become aware of updates to the student enrolment data.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the quoted subscription amount for your school.

*Enrolments per year level data is sourced from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority and the New Zealand Government’s Education Counts. While we use the most recent data available from these sources, that data may not accurately reflect the 2021 student enrolment details (noting these sources report historical data). If you have any questions regarding the number of students, please contact us.

When can I subscribe?

2020 subscriptions expire on Friday 18 December and from this date, Problemo will be offline until the 2021 subscription period commences.

The 2021 subscription period commences on 11 January 2021; however, you may sign up to use Problemo at any time throughout the 2021 subscription period.

All 2021 subscriptions have an expiry date of 17 December 2021.

How do I subscribe?

When you create a Problemo account, you will be given the option to access Problemo Free (at no cost) or upgrade to Problemo Plus. You can choose to pay by credit/debit card or pay on invoice. Register your Problemo account here.

If you already have a Problemo (or existing AMT) account, log in to access your User Details page and subscribe to Problemo Plus.

Questions and answers

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Problemo is available to all Australian and New Zealand primary and secondary teachers from government, private, Catholic, independent schools.

Parents and students can access the Student Portal without registration.

Problemo will be available to teachers outside Australia and New Zealand in 2021. If you’d like us to get in contact when we launch Problemo in your country, please let us know here.

Problemo is only available to Australian and New Zealand primary and secondary school teachers. If you think teachers at your child’s school may be interested in using Problemo, let us know here or direct the school to this website (problemo.edu.au).

Parents and students can access the Student Portal without registration. The student portal has a large bank of problems that students can do at home.

If you are teaching in a school (in Australia or New Zealand) you can register here. Select your school, fill out your personal details and chose your subscription level. If you choose, Problemo Plus, you’ll have the option to pay with a credit card or receive an invoice for payment via EFT.

We will then send you an email with all the details you need to get started!

For term 4 of 2020, we are offering Problemo Plus at the introductory price of $49 (inc GST). This is a per-school price and allows for unlimited teacher accounts within your school. This is available for term 4 of 2020 only.

In 2021 there’ll be more enhancements to Problemo and a new fee structure.

If your school isn’t listed with us, please email us at info@problemo.edu.au and we will add your school.