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Problemo is available to all Australian and New Zealand primary and secondary teachers from government, private, Catholic, independent schools.

Registered home schools and approved coaching clinics are also welcome to subscribe.

Parents and students can access the Student Portal without registration.

Rather than restrict you to a trial period, we have a free version of Problemo that you can use for as long as you like! Our free version offers a subset of our content and gives you a taste of all the key features of Problemo.

Problemo is a teaching resource and subscriptions are only available to Australian and New Zealand primary and secondary school teachers, registered home schools and approved coaching clinics. If you think teachers at your child’s school or coaching clinic may be interested in using Problemo, let us know here or direct them to this website (problemo.edu.au).

A great resource for parents and students is Problemo Student, a free problem-solving platform that allows students to test their skills in mathematics and informatics. No login needed, it’s packed with problems covering a range of topics and year levels. Parents and students can jump in anytime and try one question or work their way through a series based on a topic.

First up, try searching for your school or coaching clinic and leave the suburb dropdown field blank. If you still can’t find your school or coaching clinic, please email us at info@problemo.edu.au and we will add you to the list.

Free users have access to 100 problems and limited access to some features.

Problemo Plus users have access to a library of more than 800+ problems and unlimited access to all Problemo’s features, including 60+ lesson cards, ability to print PDFs and create unlimited problem sets and online quizzes for students.

See the table above for a list of the features in Free and Plus subscriptions.